The Cost of Trump’s Wall

12 03 2017

Trump’s own estimate for the cost of his wall is ten billion dollars, but some estimates put the cost at as much as twenty-five billion.

What can you buy for twenty-five billion?  Regardless of where the money comes from, what else could we do with that much money?  I’ll use the $25 billion because…  well…  when has a government project ever been completed for the low estimate?

  • Pay 44,000 new teachers for ten years
  • Build 1,250 new elementary schools
  • Pay for chemotherapy for 800,000 cancer patients
  • Pay all health care costs for every man woman and child in Kansas
  • Build 57,000 low income apartments
  • Buy 8 billion school lunches
  • Fix Flint Michigan’s water system (and 15 other cities just like it)
  • Buy metal detectors for every school in the country
  • Outpatient addiction rehab for 2.5 million drug users
  • Send 13 more rovers to Mars or 3 new space telescopes

But hey, I’m sure that a pretty new wall is more important than any of these things, right?

Just remember that the $25,000,000,000 wall can be defeated with a $25 homemade ladder.



The Swamp

15 02 2017

Dropping in crocodiles and asking them to drink as much as they can is not a viable plan to “drain the swamp.”