30 07 2012

I once knew a woman
Who dreamed I could teach her
To fly.

She shared with me her talent
For opening up her heart
And filling it to overflowing
With the darkest of hate.

She has shown me how
To ignore your own intuition
And experience.

She has taught me
How to remake yourself
Into a victim.

She has demonstrated
That if you focus on your goals
You can destroy anyone,
Even your own children,
Without noticing.

She has shown how
To collect artifacts
And build a private mythology.

She has also shown how
To burn, discard, or hide
Anything that contradicts your story.

She has at least one more lesson planned
When confronted with an annoying little thing,
She will show how never to admit error,
She will show how never to back down,
She will show how to scream all the louder her faith in her infallibility.

After watching her special talents
I have rejected these lessons.

For you see
I have found this heavy stone heart
Has made it impossible
To fly.




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