Nation of Wimps

5 08 2010

A friend of mine posted this on her blog:

I couldn’t agree more.  Children learn through failure at least as much as through success.  An Essential life skill is acquired when the your sweet little angel gets the first foot-load of sand kicked in her face by some unruly punk (because our kid would *never* do that, right?). In that painful moment she learns how to deal with others who don’t have her best interests at heart.

Your child will be so much better prepared if she’s faced confrontation for the first time at age five than at twenty-five.

Kids should get the grades they deserve, not the grade that is least likely to result in a phone call from an irate parent.

Over protecting your children is an invisible form of child abuse, robbing them of the social and emotional maturity they must develop.

On a similar topic here’s a book I’ve been slowly making my way through:

This should be required reading for every teacher and every parent. It lays out in plain English how we harm our children with our manic obsession for their safety and well being.

There is no safer place on earth for my children than in my arms, but I will allow my kids to fail and to confront their own enemies.




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