Take Your Kid to Work

20 06 2010

Uhm…  Don’t actually.

I remember when I first heard of ‘Take Our Daughters to Work Day.’  This seemed like a pretty good idea – a way to familiarize children of a certain age and maturity with what real world employment looks like.

Like so many good ideas, something went wrong.

Before long the event became ‘Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” as nobody wants to be accused of being sexist, especially Gloria Steinem.  Of course this title is way too much to spit in any normal conversation, so most of us just refer to it as ‘Bring your Kid to Work Day,” or when really rushed, “Kid Day.”  The age of eligible children was not clearly defined or enforced (we certainly couldn’t presume to judge your child’s maturity by any mere number such as an age) and soon tots barely old enough to walk began appearing in the halls of businesses everywhere.

So, management saw a problem: what to do with all these kids?  Arrangements were made, activities were scheduled and administrative assistants everywhere were given new responsibilities.  So, this last year I found meeting rooms where I work filled with very small children watching movies, doing craft projects with used copier paper or playing computer games.  Their parents were off elsewhere going through their normal routine.  The point of it all?  I couldn’t say exactly.  I’m pretty sure this was not the intent.




3 responses

20 06 2010

I was curious so I looked up the website administering this program. It should be geared toward kids 8-12. Having little ones there doesn’t make much sense, and there should be lots of planning put into it so that it is constructive – doesn’t sound that was done in your case. And, in a masterful display of the definition “co-opt”, Barbie herself is now a sponsor….


20 06 2010

Oh wow! I wonder how Gloria Steinem feels about being sponsored by Barbie…

21 06 2010

It appears that the day in question is no longer sponsored by the Ms. Foundation at all, but considering that its original intent was to break down gender stereotypes and strengthen girls self-esteem, Barbie doesn’t seem like the best choice…

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