The Dead Miis

2 01 2010

Playing the Wii with my kids it occurred to me that in households all over the world grieving families are not sure exactly how to handle the Mii for someone who has passed away.  How awkward it must be to have this “living” look-alike hanging about!  Each time they power up the game, there’s the face that they struggled together to create as a likeness.  Each time they see it must bring about fresh pain, yet deleting the Mii would seem like a betrayal.

Now, I’m sure that after ugly relationship breakups, the Ex’s Mii is on the chopping block immediately, but what about the grieving family, or the spouse who didn’t want the marriage to end?

How long do they let the Dead Mii linger?  Is there a term for this Mii – something to describe its status between life and death?  I’ve looked around Urban Dictionary and not been able to find an appropriate term for these undead-Mii’s.

Perhaps Nintendo needs to make some software additions…  a Mii afterlife or Mii-Heaven where you can send the Mii’s of your beloved to live on so they’re not standing right there next to you while you try to honor your new year’s resolutions.

I’m afraid that solution wouldn’t work for the abandoned spouse situation…  It’d only make it harder to see your wife’s Mii hop into a sports car with her new boyfriend Mii, leaving you and the kids at the curb.  Perhaps instead Nintendo can create a Wii-Hell where you can send the cheating Miis.

Just a thought.




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